Category: Societal impact through WIL

The problem with WIL is that it’s basically quite easy, and this is hard to understand

The starting point for the reflections on WIL in this blog post is the idea that what makes WIL – here defined as a strategy for developing new and useful knowledge in-between people with different competences and interests – difficult is that it basically deals with something very simple. In order for collaborations between academics […]

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おはようGood morning!

It is 3 am and I am sitting in my living room, listening to the session “Experiences from CEWIL Canada, WIL and ACEN” at the WACE (World Association of Co-operative Education) conference. The three acronyms hold three giant networks focusing on work integrated learning around the globe. The conference should have been held in Kanazawa, […]

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WIL Reflections…it’s alive! 

Welcome to University West’s research blog about Work integrated Learning (WIL). Through the blog, we want to actively stimulate a theoretically grounded and critical discussion about how WIL can be understood as a multifaceted phenomenon, concept, or research area. We envision that such a discussion will illustrate and develop the core and the elasticity of […]

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