About this blog

WIL Reflections is a research blog run by University West in Trollhättan, Sweden. The goal of the blog is to deepen the understanding of Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) and WIL research. In terms of target groups, it focuses primarily on the academic community around the globe.

The blog will include researchers from University West as well as guest bloggers from a variety of academic fields and disciplines, as this helps to expand the scope and applicability of WIL in society, as well as show the diversity that constitutes WIL research today.

The blog tackles issues connected to WIL such as knowledge co-creation, upskilling of the labour force, workplace learning, pedagogical methods and societal impact.

We aim to publish blog posts primarily in English, but on occasion there will be posts in Swedish.

Editorial Board
The blog entries are reviewed by an editorial board. The board consists of the following staff at University West:

Ville Björck, post-doctoral researcher in Work-Integrated Learning and acting editor of WIL Reflections

Ulrika Lundh Snis, professor of informatics and deputy vice-chancellor for Work-Integrated Learning

Lars Svensson, professor of informatics and deputy vice-chancellor for research