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WIL as a tool for work-life relevance in Norway

How Work-integrated learning (WIL) is understood and used in higher education varies. This variation is often context-dependent, and therefore the development of WIL is interesting to follow in different contexts. A recent opinion piece from Norway discusses the well-known (in Norway) importance of work-life relevance in higher education and how higher education institutions fail to provide students with work-life relevance, even though the educational institutions, the authorities and companies have set work-life relevance high on the agenda. The article brings forward WIL as a potential solution to truly ensuring work-life relevance for students in Norway.

WIL is not a widely used concept in Norway and the authors of the article look for opportunities of how WIL can be understood and used in the Norwegian context. The intention is to further explore opportunities in Norway, by exploring well-working WIL-settings, such as the one at University West. Among the authors of the opinion piece there are representatives from Kristiania University College, who has a research group in WIL, which collaborates with KAM AIL at University West on the up-coming conference WIL25.

You can read the article (in Norwegian) in its entirety here >>

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